Brand Strategy + Graphic Design + Copywriting + Digital Presence

We offer graphic design, copywriting and user experience design (UX) all under the umbrella of strategic brand consulting.

If you’ve got a business – or only just an idea – we can help you bring it to market, or market your entity more intensely. We love naming projects and creating the visual, verbal and experiential aspects of a brand. Our clients range from national brands right down to sole operators, so we reckon we’d be able to help anyone who comes knocking on our door. The door is in Castlemaine, though we’re quite partial to travelling.

In a word, we communicate. Or in several more words:


Got an idea and … er, nothing else? We can workshop where you and your idea are, or where your existing brand is right now, and help you navigate to where you want to go. Our first question is always: “Describe your brand as a person.”


Once you’ve got some rules about how your brand should behave, we can show you how it should dress. That is, we design logos and the accompanying brand language to show you how the language can extend to all your brand’s touchpoints.


From a simple business card and website design, to kitting out the drivers, pit crew and designing the look of the cars for the Formula 1 team you want to launch. Hey, you never know.


Working back from understanding exactly what it is you want to achieve, we imagine, strategise, create and then make it all happen across multiple channels. This includes website front end user experience (UX) design that matches your initial brand strategy.


If you don’t have a name for your idea, product or business we can help you come up with one. This is one of our favourite things to do.


Personality goes a long way. What you say can make you instantly more attractive. Or not.


For anyone working with your brand, guidelines or a style guide provide clarity and ensure consistency for your visual and verbal manifestations.


Want to get noticed? How much? How brave are you? Would you do this: