Named after the small town of Beaufort in France, this cheese is one of the
finest of the Alpine cheeses in the world — and that’s saying something.

Alpage means mountain pasture, and when used whislt talking about cheese, it means raw milk taken from cows that graze above 1500 feet during the warmer months when the wild grasses and flowers are flourishing. This milk is made into cheese daily in small fromageries with very basic equipment and much man power!

It take 500 litres of milk to make each giant 40kg wheel of cheese which is matured on site in caves and stone cellars. It is defined from other alpine cheeses by a distinctive concave sides, is richer and creamier with mildly pungent aromas and flavours that are savory, herbacous and fruity.
A delicious cheese, served with 180d Hazelnut Oat Crackers and a good Australian Sparkling.
  • GavinK