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Board Care

We recommend oiling your board fortnightly for the first month, monthly for the next six months and then every three months.
Use coconut oil or grape-seed oil — available at most supermarkets.

It’s important to clean your board regularly to avoid lingering bacteria, we recommend using a mix of salt and lemon.
1.Rinse the board under warm water
2. Sprinkle coarse salt all over the surface
3. Squeeze the juice from half of a lemon onto the board
4. Use a small scrubbing brush to work the salt and lemon into the board, this helps get rid of any residual food and sanitizes the board
5. Rinse the board under hot water
6. Wipe dry with one of our lambtastic tea towel’s
7. Let the board dry in an upright position

Note: Our Shanks are designed to be used for serving food only, as they’re not really a utility board

Tea Towel Care

100% cotton
Cold machine wash
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Iron (if you can be arsed) on cotton setting
Cotton will shrink slightly with the first wash