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The Hind Leg

$400.00 AUD

Stands up to anything.

Now this is a butchers’ block! It will withstand years of slicing and dicing, cutting and carving, julienne-ing, sofrito-ing, mirepoix-ing and suppengrün-ing. We’d vouch for wloszczyzna-ing but we can’t quite get our tongue around that one just now.

Season this beast with coconut oil regularly and it will last, well, a bloody long time.

Crafted by hoof* The Hind Leg is made from ethically sourced red ironbark and plantation grown sugar gum from Central Victoria, Australia.

*Ok so it’s crafted by hand, by a bloke, named Doug. With his hands.

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Product Specifications

Additional Information

Weight 5500 g
Dimensions 350 x 450 x 50 mm

Product Care

Oiling your board
We recommend oiling your board fortnightly for the first month, monthly for the next six months and then every three months.
Use coconut oil or grape-seed oil — available at most supermarkets.

Cleaning your board
It’s important to clean your board regularly to avoid lingering bacteria, we recommend using a mix of salt and lemon.
1. Rinse the board under warm water
2. Sprinkle coarse salt all over the surface
3. Squeeze the juice from half of a lemon onto the board
4. Use a small scrubbing brush to work the salt and lemon into the board, this helps get rid of any residual food and sanitizes the board
5. Rinse the board under hot water
6. Wipe dry with one of our lambtastic tea towel’s
7. Let the board dry in an upright position

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