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It’s all about the wood

Our range of wooden boards are handcrafted in Castlemaine, from plantation grown sugar gum and ethically sourced red iron bark from Central Victoria. They’re finished with coconut oil and we use a non-toxic water based acrylic paint on the handles of The Shanks. As every board is crafted by hand from natural timber each board is unique with variations in wood grain, colours and patterns.


The sugar gum
 (eucalyptus cladocalyx) and red iron bark (eucalyptus tricarpa) used to craft the boards are sourced from Central Victoria. Sugar gum is a plantation-grown Australian native hardwood and produces a dense, blonde to tan timber that is both decorative and durable. It’s particularly suited to situations requiring high strength where appearance is also important.

Red ironbark is a handsome Australian native hardwood, common in Victoria. Its heartwood is a deep red, contrasting dramatically with its distinctive pale yellow sapwood. With a fine and even texture and an interlocked grain it’s extremely hard wearing and highly durable.