Rensark 3000 User Guide

Living the 12 year old's dream

What is the RENSARK 3000?
Explore the unique features of the RENSARK 3000 from Rensark Industries via this user guide.

Rensark Industries introduced the RENSARK 3000 in 1982.
Born from the dreams of a 12 year old child, lamenting the loss of a precious kitten (squished in a horrific driveway accident), the idea of re-animation for kittens was born. Although not a new idea, clearly HP Lovecraft was well on to this, there was no package commercially available to the average tween. Surprisingly though the need to re-animate your dead kitten didn’t really take off. Despite extensive trials the technology just wasn’t up to scratch often resulting in freakish mutations. The product was withdrawn after initial trials.

Rensark Industries moved on to new ideas but a user guide to the Rensark 3000 still exists and is partly detailed here. The guide, along with eight exclusive prints were reproduced to commemorate the Rensark 3000 30th anniversary  for an exhibition in Canberra. The prints will be featured here soon.

“HP Lovecraft would rise from his grave if this was real”
– Andy Heaney, Canberra.